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Story & Form

FourFifty The Well distinguishes itself with an arts and culture-first design, as evidenced by its meticulously curated art program featuring 52 works by 34 artists, many who are local, placed throughout the building. The selection encompasses a range of styles and materials, from dyed silk and stained glass to oil paintings, photographs, and digital collages, contributing to a unique character and ambiance that enriches the property and reflects the surrounding neighbourhood’s cultural fabric.

An art collection, similar to a residential tower filled with myriad lives lived, is ever-evolving. Each artwork reflects the inner musings of the artist that created it, their stories in different forms. The artworks continue to adapt and change with each new interaction, becoming an individual experience for the viewer; seen through the prism of their life. The collection at FourFifty The Well explores two interwoven themes, story and form. Narrative works tell us about the artists, their environment, and the experiences that have impacted and inspired them. The second theme explores process and experimentation with materials, harnessing the artist’s personal experience, transforming it into action to create a three-dimensional representation of the intangible.

Ashley Mulvihill, Studio Ninth


Ashley Mulvihill

Ashley Mulvihill is a curator, cultural programmer, installation artist, and art consultant. She is the founder of Ninth Editions, an online gallery that collaborates with emerging Canadian artists, and Studio Ninth, an art consultancy that works with public and private clients. Through thoughtful curation of art and installations she creates engaging and distinctive spaces. With a keen eye for up-and-coming talent and a passion for making art accessible, Ashley’s goal is to build a stronger foundation for the Canadian art world.

Justin Rousseau

Justin Rousseau is an artist and session stylist based in Toronto. Their work in the fashion and beauty industry greatly influences their work as an artist in the mediums of drawing, painting, sculpture, and film. Their work explores the visual representation of ourselves, how we see/feel about ourselves, our ideas involving conventions of beauty, and cultural representations of beauty. Working in textiles has become an extension of that as well. Building shapes and stitching and dying silk explores these ideas of beauty. The tactile quality gives a sense of calm and quiet in their work.

Callum Schuster

Callum Schuster’s work has been exhibited in various exhibitions, including Palindrome Dome Metronome Home at O’Born Contemporary (Toronto), More Than Two (curated by Micah Lexier) at The Power Plant (Toronto), public installations for the City of Toronto’s Nuit Blanche and WayHome Music and Arts Festival, and much more. Schuster volunteers in community gardens with herbalists and the Taiaiako’n Historical Preservation Society; learning grape growing and winemaking, as well as trapping with his Métis mentor.